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Emergency Anti-COVID-19 Medical Ward

Type :design project /graphic design

Member :Yusuke Takahashi(designer) / Takuya Onishi (Director) / Pornthep Chatpinyakoop, / Alvaro Conti


Difficult Prospect to Workable Solution​

Hospitals are filling with coronavirus patients. Hotels, gymnasiums and public buildings also begin to fill and more emergency patients are on the way. There is a deep need to build extra medical wards rapidly with no fuss! These wards must provide care in different urban situations such as parking spaces, industrial open spaces, shipping yards or army bases. They need to be temporary, outdoors, and should not damage their surroundings by anchoring or digging foundations into their surfaces.
If your city has a shipping port, or container yard, it will surely hold a vast number of shipping containers that could provide a solution. Here is a dynamic suggestion for how to rapidly build an “Emergency Anti-COVID-19 Medical Ward”. Its advantages are many and in this challenging time, it introduces a path from difficult prospect to workable solution.


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