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Rapid Energy Solar Kit | 2020

Type :design project/ Energy design /graphic design

Member :Yusuke Takahashi(designer) / Takuya Onishi(Director)

AWARD&EXHIBITION : Bangkok Design Week 2020


The Rapid Energy Solar Pack will fill negative voids instantly. It will help with poverty, pumping-wells for drinking water on dry land, agriculture in remote areas, recovery after natural disasters, remote scientific exploration, camping, forestry, and many other scenarios.
This product is designed as a modular system. The minimum module contains 4 solar panels that can be installed by only a few people. It can be arranged to fit many different scenarios in a number of combinations.
 A single module with 4 solar panels can generate approxmately 1kW. You can arrange your own specs upward from 1kW to a Mega scale as it multiplies!

It has also been carefully designed for transportation. The product will fit into any mobility and logistics system (such as shipping container, pickup truck, palette, cargo bike, even air drop) and all these systems can cover almost all land area on Earth.



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